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Driveway Cleaning Services

Servicing Scottsdale and the Entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area

It’s that time to start thinking about sprucing up your home! One of the best ways to do that is to have your driveway power-washed. We know a thing or two about dirt and dust here in Arizona! Our team of professional power washers will have your driveway looking good as new in no time.

Why Power Wash Your Driveway?

Your driveway has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years. The intense heat bakes all the dirt and grime into the concrete in the summer. In the winter, cars will leak fluids onto the driveway as they thaw out from being parked overnight. Over time, this can leave your driveway looking stained and old. A good power washing will remove all of that build-up and leave your driveway looking new! Not to mention, it will also help protect your concrete from further damage down the road.

Services Offered

  • Rust Removal
  • Oil Stain Removal
  • Tire Mark Removal
  • Dirt and Debris Removal
  • Concrete Brightening
  • Concrete Sealing

Our Driveway Cleaning Process

We start by doing an initial spray to remove any dirt and debris. We then apply an eco-friendly driveway cleaner. After, we utilize a surface cleaner and go over every inch of the driveway twice. Once horizontally and once vertically across. Using a surface cleaner is an essential part of cleaning concrete. This is completed with a final spray down and a careful spot inspection removal for anything that may not have come out. 

What You Should Know About Driveway Cleaning

Power washing is a very successful method when it comes to cleaning driveways. It is important to note that concrete is very porous, and not all stains can be removed. However, our power washing team is the best in the valley, so we will get your driveway looking the best it possibly can without using harsh chemicals or removing a top layer of concrete. We have vast experience in power washing and have cleaned thousands of driveways. Contact Az Pressure Wash and Windows if you want to get your driveway professionally cleaned. We would love to have the opportunity to earn your business.