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We encourage you to pull up our Google Reviews and research our company. Look at our photos from previous jobs on social media. As a local Scottsdale service-based business, we have built a very strong reputation and our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our goal is to make lifelong customers and we know there are a lot of choices when it comes to pressure washing and window cleaning services. We appreciate every opportunity to earn your business. 

Why Should You Choose AZ Pressure Wash and Windows as Your Gutter Cleaner?

QUALITY OF WORK: Most local gutter cleaning companies break up the dirt and blow it out with a leaf blower all over your yard and in your pool. We hand brush and shovel all debris and use water to thoroughly clean the gutters. We leave no dirt behind but we do it without creating a mess.

WE ARE COST EFFECTIVE: If you have ever cleaned a gutter it is not a fun job. We are not the least expensive but that is because we take the extra time to hand remove dirt and debris as opposed to just blowing it into your yard and pool.

YOU CAN COUNT ON US: We have a track record of reliability and should be able to perform the service promptly.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are ever in need of one of our service offerings, we want you to think of us first. Our goal is to develop a lifelong customer base and so we are going to treat you that way. If you research reviews on Az Pressure Wash and Windows we are 5 Star Rated and a Google Guaranteed business.

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED: Support a local small business that contributes to the community.


A gutter system is designed to safely collect and distribute water away from your home. When gutters get backed up and blocked the water tends to overflow at the points of these blockages and puddle in areas where it should not. This can be significantly harmful to the exterior of your home and potentially cause serious issues such as rot and mold. These issues can be more serious and can lead to costly repairs that far exceed the cost of a gutter cleaning service. If you have noticed areas of overflowing gutters and water puddling near your home it is extremely important to face these issues head-on and tackle them as soon as possible. 

Gutter cleaning should be performed annually to semi-annually in the Phoenix metro area. Arizona dirt and debris swirl in our high winds, and a good amount of that dirt and debris wind up in gutter systems. Once that dirt and debris land in the gutters, it is not likely to come out as it is now protected from the wind that blew it into the gutter in the first place. When it rains, that removes some of the dirt, but it causes more harm because the dirt in the gutters turns into mud and sand, blocking the primary function of a gutter system to deter water from your roof. 

Two main reasons you should be getting your gutters cleaned annually. The first is why they are there in the first place, which is to deter water to safe locations. Gutters collect water and redistribute that water to a safe area to avoid causing damage to your home. If your gutters are clogged, they cannot do their job. The second reason is to prevent damage to the gutters themselves. When gutters are clogged, water sits inside of them. Sitting water will cause the gutters to rust and eventually fall apart much faster than an unclogged gutter. Getting your gutters cleaned will allow them to last much longer and save you money because water damage to a house can be a high cost that no one wants to incur. 

A clean gutter in Phoenix, Az after a gutter cleaning service by Az Pressure Wash and Windows.

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