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Is 2000 PSI good enough for pressure washing a house?

2000 PSI is Not Enough Pressure to Clean a House: The Truth On How Much Pressure You Really Need

You see it all the time in advertisements, a pressure washer offering 2000 PSI of cleaning power. It sounds like so much pressure! But is that really enough to clean your house? What is PSI and what does it actually mean? How much pressure do you need to clean a house? Read on for the scoop.

Why Does PSI Matter When Cleaning a House?

PSI, or pounds per square inch, is the measurement of water pressure, usually measured at the end of a water hose. The higher the PSI, the more power the water has. As you can imagine, this is important when you’re cleaning, as the lower the PSI, the less power the water has when it hits the surface you’re cleaning. And obviously, this less powerful water won’t be as effective at cleaning. If you want the most effective cleaning power, you want to make sure you have enough PSI to get the job done. Otherwise, you risk damaging your flooring, or causing other damage to your house. Generally, most people cleaning their house want enough pressure to get the job done, but not so much pressure they’re a risk to damage their belongings.

So, how much pressure do you actually need to clean a house?

What are you cleaning? If you’re just doing general cleaning and have some stubborn dirt stains around your house, you can get away with a lower PSI. More serious jobs, however, require a higher PSI. When cleaning a house, the general rule of thumb is you want about 3000 PSI at the end of your water hose. This is usually enough pressure to clean all your floors, gutters, and outdoor furniture. Some people like to go up to 4000 PSI, but most 3000 PSI pressure washers have enough getting power to do almost everything. Generally, though, 3000 PSI is the most common PSI to clean your house. You can, of course, go higher depending on the needs of the job. You can also decide to go with a gas-powered pressure washer, which will give you more power. A gas-powered washer can be helpful if you’re cleaning a large ranch or something like that.

PSI and GPM: what's the difference?

GPM, or gallons per minute, is the measurement of water coming out of a hose. The higher the GPM, the more water is coming out of the hose at once. This is important when it comes to cleaning. More water pressure equals more cleaning power. You’ll see PSI and GPM listed on pressure washer machines when looking for one to buy. Generally, you want to have a high GPM with a high PSI. If you’re deciding between two pressure washers, one with a high GPM and one with a high PSI, go with the one with the higher PSI. This is because the GPM is determined by a few factors, including the diameter of the hose. While the PSI is always the same, the GPM can vary a bit based on the above mentioned factors. So, if you want the most cleaning power, go with the machine with the higher PSI.

Bottom line

As you can see, PSI is an important factor when it comes to cleaning. The higher the PSI, the more cleaning power you have. For general cleaning around your house, 3000 PSI is plenty of pressure. It’s best to go with the one with the higher PSI if you’re deciding between two pressure washers.

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