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Power Washing In Scottsdale, Az

The Ultimate Guide On Power Washing In Arizona

In an age where we’re constantly searching for those perfect filters and angles to take the best shot of our house, home exteriors have become more critical than ever. It’s commonplace now to see a thriving home-selling ecosystem on real estate sites like Zillow or Trulia. A big part is that beautiful homes sell faster and for more money than their neglected counterparts. Thankfully, a few simple ways to spruce up your exterior don’t cost you thousands of dollars. One of the most overlooked techniques is power washing in Scottsdale, AZ. While it may seem like a small or unnecessary process, the benefits are vast and worth the time and money invested. This is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Power Washing in Scottsdale and the surrounding metropolitan area.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is a technique that sprays pressurized water from a nozzle and high-pressure hose to remove the buildup of dirt, mold, grime, and a slew of other harmful pollutants from the surface of a variety of materials. A surface cleaner is also commonly used to clean flat horizontal surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, patios, and garages. Power washing is mainly known for removing hard-to-remove stains that cannot be removed any other way. As a general rule, power washing is considered any technique where the water pressure exceeds 80 PSI. Power washing can clean many surfaces, including: – Exteriors of homes and buildings, patios, and pretty much any structures – Sidewalks and driveways – Roofs and gutters – Decks and walkways – Fences – Car Ports – Stucco and siding. You can clean anything by power washing it. The only thing you would not want to power wash would be things that should not get wet, like the interior of a home and something that shouldn’t be under extreme pressure or force. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of power washing methods.


There are a lot of different methods when it comes to power washing. Let’s go over the top two techniques used when washing commercial and residential homes and properties.

Soft Wash

A soft wash is commonly used to clean things that need a more delicate touch and can not be under high pressure. You can think of things like windows, roofs, textured stucco, and vehicles, to name a few. You wouldn’t want to put extreme pressure on these things because they can easily get ruined or broken. Power washing a car can peel the paint right off and pressure washing a house could remove a textured stucco on the exterior. You must know how much pressure to utilize when offering a power washing service. A soft wash is done with low pressure. This pressure will still be much higher than your typical garden hose. Power washers need to be able to spray elevated surfaces like multiple-story houses, and most of the time, we still do it from the ground. So the process will provide a much more thorough and deep cleaning than you can do on your own however you want to make sure someone experienced is performing this process. 

High Pressure

High-pressure washing is commonly used when power washing Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. High pressure is frequently used on more problematic substances that can handle the pressure without issue. Think of things like patios, garage floors, and pool decking. However, these exterior locations may have higher-end tiling that would not accept pressure so well. On sites where power washing can be utilized, it is done with high force, mainly to remove stains that warrant it. Power washing is highly effective in removing oil, rust, hard water, and paint stains. It is also important to note that while power washing is the most effective form of exterior cleaning, it is not a miracle worker. Concrete is used for most buildings and walkways in Scottsdale, Az, and it is a very porous substance. If you have been leaking oil on your driveway for years without cleaning or sealing your concrete, unfortunately, it will probably not come out. Will it look much better? Yes! But stains like that, unfortunately, are always going to be there. This is why regularly maintaining the exterior of your property is extremely important. 

Power Washing: The Best Home Maintenance Routine

As a Scottsdale power washing company, we get a lot of calls to do exterior cleanings throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. An area that doesn’t get a lot of attention is property maintenance. You can think of maintaining the exterior of your property the same way you can think about vehicle maintenance. Most people don’t just take their vehicle to the mechanic when something breaks. You take it in for oil changes and routine maintenance because they want to ensure it goes as long as possible without a breakdown. Think of your home the same way. Now we aren’t saying you need to power wash your house every month but an annual to semi-annual exterior cleaning is a smart idea. Here’s a few reasons why.

Keep That New Feel

If you are reading this article, you probably have a strong interest in the cleanliness and appearance of your property. Developing a regular power washing maintenance routine is one of the best things you can do for your property. While most people wait until things are filthy before they call us, we recommend being more forward-thinking in home maintenance. By the time you start to develop the idea that a property needs to be cleaned, the dust and dirt build-ups have been in place for much longer than you realize. Think of it like an algae problem in a pool. By the time the pool turns green, the algae have been forming for days and weeks. This is why most people hire companies to ensure their pool is always looking its best. Most people have landscapers to maintain their yards, and weeds don’t spring up. What about the house itself? Power washing your home is probably more critical for the appearance of your property than these other services, and the significant part is it doesn’t need to be done as often. 

Preventative Maintenance

Power washing is a phenomenal home maintenance routine. In Arizona, we live in a desert with dust, debris, and high winds. We even have tumbleweeds. How many people can say that? Dirt accumulates pretty much everywhere in Arizona. The accumulation of dirt on your home and roof will cause additional wear and tear that would not be experienced if appropriately cleaned. Although your home is a vertical structure, most Scottsdale homes are textured. The dirt accumulates on and inside the texture of our houses the same way it gets on ground surfaces. The difference is that we are used to it. If you have never power washed your home or roof, you would be surprised by the difference it can make in the appearance. It can be comparable to freshly painting a house once the dirt and debris have been removed. When power washing, we clean many areas most people don’t look at very frequently. Although it doesn’t happen often, we can help identify any potential issues on the exterior of your home that most people would not notice until there was some issue. 

When Is The Best Time To Power Wash?

Power washing in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas of Arizona can be done anytime. We are lucky not to have the weather issues people experience in colder parts of the country. If you have something that needs to be cleaned, call us, and we can take care of it for you. Regarding an annual maintenance routine, we recommend the late October or early November time frame. This is typically ideal for a couple of different reasons. First, monsoon season typically lasts from July through September. Getting your house cleaned during this time will probably place you in a position where you will have to do it again in a few months. Second, November through December is the busiest time for most homes and businesses. This is an ideal time to have your property looking its best, so it’s a great idea to have your regular scheduled power washing done before. 

How Much Does Power Washing Cost?

We will cover the average costs associated with power washing in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. I want to preface that these are “Average Costs” based on average-size residential features. A large part of the cost will be placed on the size of the features that need to be cleaned. For instance, if your house, patio, driveway, etc., is five times the size of a normal-sized home in the Phoenix metropolitan area, it could be more expensive. If your property is smaller in size, it could be less. These are also individual service prices. You would get a discount for having multiple services performed at the same time. With that being said, let’s dive in.

Exterior House Washing: Average Cost $300-$500

An exterior house wash is a complete and thorough cleaning of your home. We spray all dirt, debris, cobwebs, bird droppings, etc. Essentially an initial spot treatment to ensure the house looks as good as possible. We then apply an eco-friendly cleaner that is made for Arizona homes. It ensures the place is as clean as possible and brightens the exterior paint. We then do a final rinse and walkthrough to provide the best possible cleaning.

Roof Cleaning: Average Cost $500-$800

Roof cleanings are done utilizing a soft wash technique. If you do a quick google search, there is a lot of wrong information about pressure-washing roofs. The majority is by roofing companies that want to keep cleaning in house and charge people ridiculous amounts to get their roofs cleaned. However, they are correct that roofs should not be cleaned using high pressure. Utilizing a soft wash approach with the proper cleaning agents is the right approach and the same method that roofing companies utilize. We offer this service at a fraction of what roof companies charge.

Gutter Cleaning: Average Cost $100-$200

We remove any leaves and debris in gutters by hand. We pressure wash top gutters on low pressure for a thorough cleaning. We then use the appropriate pressure to clear the downspout of any debris. We make sure any leftover debris is cleared before leaving your property. 

Patio Cleaning: Average Cost $100-$200

We start by doing an initial spray to remove any dirt and debris. We then apply an eco-friendly patio cleaner. After, we utilize a surface cleaner and go over every inch of the patio twice. Once horizontally and once vertically across. This is completed with a final spray down and a careful spot inspection removal for anything that may not have come out. 

Driveway Cleaning: Average Cost $100-$200

We start by doing an initial spray to remove any dirt and debris. We then apply an eco-friendly driveway cleaner. After, we utilize a surface cleaner and go over every inch of the driveway twice. Once horizontally and once vertically across. This is completed with a final spray down and a careful spot inspection removal for anything that may not have come out. 

Pools and Deck Cleaning: Average Cost $200-$400

Several factors are in play to determine the average cost for pool and pool deck cleaning in Scottsdale. It is hard to give an average price because everyone’s pool is a little bit different and would need to be cleaned in different ways. The area size, waterfalls, slides, hot tubs, etc., can all be power washed. However, this is a good gauge of what you could expect to pay. The best thing to do would be to contact us and have us come out for an individual quote so we can discuss the process and the cost with you.


Hopefully, this answers any questions that you may have regarding power washing. If you are interested in professional window cleaning or power washing, don’t hesitate to contact Az Pressure Wash and Windows. We provide a high-quality service in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. We would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. 

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