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Window Cleaning: Water Fed Pole vs Hand Squeegee

A man using a water fed pole system to clean the windows of a senior citizens community in Scottsdale, Az.

Water Fed Pole vs Hand Squeegee

Which one is better? We will discuss everything you need to know as well as things you should be conscious of when hiring a window cleaning service.

If you have recently inquired about hiring a window cleaning service then you may have come across companies that now clean windows utilizing a water-fed pole system. In this post, we will discuss the differences between using a water-fed pole and the traditional mop and squeegee that has been successfully used for so many years. 

What Is A Water Fed Pole System?

A water fed pole utilizes a water purification system that removes sediments and contaminants from water. The idea behind this process is that if the water is pure then you should be able to clean windows without having any spots or streaks. There is no need for soap because that would be adding a contaminant to the water that is being used. Typically, this system has a long pole that transfers the water from the purification system out of a brush. The water is used to rinse the window and the brush is used to remove any dirt and debris that might be built up on the window itself. This system can also be used for solar panel cleaning

Water Fed Pole vs Mop and Squeegee: Which One Is Better?

As the owner of Az Pressure Wash and Windows and years of window cleaning experience, I own both types of equipment. I can without a doubt say that the traditional mop and squeegee method produces substantially better results then a water fed pole system. I have cleaned thousands of windows utilizing both sets of equipment and I have never generated the results with a water fed pole that I can with a squeegee. In my opinion, water fed poles leave water spots on windows that simple do not exist with a squeegee. Water fed poles are able to clean windows faster but they do not do as good of a job. I think this is a common occurrence among service businesses in 2023. Everyone wants to make as much money as they can, as quick as they can. However, they are not concerned with the most important factor: What is best for the customer? 

If A Squeegee Is Better, Why Use Water Fed At All?

The reason I own a water few pole system is to be able to clean windows that otherwise I would not be able to. Some examples would be windows on the 3rd floor and above, roofs with angles that I do not feel comfortable with standing on, etc. I am very transparent with my customers when using a water fed pole and explaining to them the drawbacks of utilizing this system. However, hardly any window cleaners in my area go above the 2nd floor and the ones that do probably charge a lot of money due to the risk that is involved with the service. A water fed pole system is a great alternative in these situations. I also do not want to sound like a water fed pole system cannot do a good job of cleaning a window because it can. A clean window is always better then a dirty one, even if it is not the immaculate results that can be generated with a squeegee.

Should I Hire A Company That Uses A Water Fed Pole?

I think the problem with hiring a company that primarily uses a water fed pole system is that they cost the same amount as a traditional window cleaning. If I am going to pay the same amount with two different companies then I am going to lean towards the company that I feel like is going to do the best job. I have even seen an owner of a window cleaning company in a Facebook group admit that he charges more for using the water fed pole and tells his customers that it’s because it is “new technology”.

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