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How To Clean Windows In Extreme Heat

How To Clean Windows In Arizona Heat

In Arizona, the majority of the year we are faced with triple-digit temperatures which make doing most things outside very unenjoyable. If you were unlucky enough to try and take on window cleaning in extreme heat then your experience probably ended up with quite a bit of frustration where you have either turned to the internet thinking “There has to be a better way” or you are ready to hire a professional window cleaning service to complete the task for you. Regardless of which direction you decide to go, we are here to help. Let’s go over the best ways to clean windows when it’s really hot outside or if the windows are located in direct sunlight.

What Makes Cleaning In Extreme Heat And Sunlight Hard?

The reason extreme heat and sunlight cause issues with window cleaning is that the heat evaporates the water and cleaning solution before you have a chance to wipe it off. If you are washing windows in the summer in Arizona you will have seconds to get that window clean. If your solution dries on the glass it looks horrible. Windows can get so hot that it will burn your skin if you put your hand on it.

Make sure you are cleaning windows correctly

If your normal window cleaning routine has not generated the results you have been looking for then you should read our other post on how to clean windows like a pro. In order to clean windows in extreme heat and direct sunlight then you need to know how to clean a window correctly. Not only that but cleaning windows in these situations is going to also require some speed so make sure you have your window cleaning routine dialed in and you are comfortable cleaning windows fast.

The Best Thing To DO Is to Avoid The Sun

The best solution is to avoid window cleaning when dealing with direct sunlight and extreme heat altogether. The best way to do that is by starting as early as possible and working quickly before it gets too hot. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are cleaning the exterior windows then start with the eastern side windows that are going to be in direct sunlight first because they will also become the hottest the most quickly. Work ahead of the direction of the sun and work fast to ideally finish before you have to deal with any issues.

No other option? Here's What To Do

If you have to clean windows in extreme heat and/or direct sunlight here is the way to get the best results. You want to use a lot of solution. The wetter you can get the glass, the longer you are going to have to clean it. There are also cleaning additives such as Hi Slide available that you can add to your solution to give yourself more cleaning time. You can also clean windows in increments such as half or a quarter of the window at a time. Professional window cleaners commonly do this on large windows but it is also a good option when it’s hot. You would just clean the top half of the window and get that looking how you want it before worrying about the bottom half. Finally, if you are using a mop you can use a two-handed approach. In one hand you have the mop and in the other, you have the squeegee. You literally mop the window with one hand and squeegee right behind it with the other. This is a more advanced approach and takes quite a bit of skill.

If All Else Fails Call a Pro

Window cleaning looks easy until you try it, then you realize it takes quite a bit of skill. If you’re in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona and need help getting your windows cleaned in the extreme heat please contact Az Pressure Wash and Windows. We are a professional window cleaning company that prides itself in our quality of work and would love to have the opportunity to earn your business.


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