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Window Washing Scottsdale

A high ceiling in a multi-million dollar custom home closet. The are 8 windows that are sparkling clean after a Scottsdale window washing by Az Pressure Wash and Windows.

The Best Window Washing In Scottsdale, Az

As the owner of Az Pressure Wash and Windows, I am proud to say that we are the best window washing company in Arizona. With a team of experienced and professional window cleaners, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer our clients the highest quality window washing services available in the valley. I know that if you look at any other window cleaning website they are going to tell you the same so let me outline why we are the best instead of just saying it. 


Experience and training are two of the most important aspects of window washing and window cleaning. Although I started this company in 2022, I have years of experience cleaning windows. Most importantly, I would put myself up against anyone in terms of the amount of time, effort, and research that I put into cleaning windows. It sounds funny saying that but I diligently research training, equipment, and the process of cleaning windows to make sure Az Pressure Wash and Windows is providing the best and most efficient window washing service in the Scottsdale metropolitan area. To be great at something I firmly believe you need to know everything about it. I train every single employee that works for my company so you can feel rest assured whether it is me or one of my employees cleaning your windows that you will get the best window washing anyone has to offer. 


Equipment is another extremely important factor when it comes to window washing. While I won’t bore you with the details on the window washing equipment that we use, I will share some insight on things we do differently to offer a superior window washing and window cleaning service. The rubber on a squeegee is extremely important and when you wash a lot of windows that rubber wears out quickly. Our techs have squeegee rubbers on board all of our trucks to change out at any time. A lot of companies limit their employees by giving them new squeegee rubber every 2 weeks so they can cut costs. While this may not seem like a big deal, a worn squeegee rubber will leave streaks on your window. If you ever hired a window washing service and there were streaks after they left this is probably why. All of our equipment is state of the art. From poles to water-fed window washing, squeegees, rubber, towels, you name it we are only using the best window washing equipment. 

Customer Service

I started this company because I believe there has been a downtrend in the service industry for years. No matter where you look it seems that consumers are paying more money for inferior products and services. Our customer service needs to be the best but even that is not good enough for me. I want our customer service to have a wide margin between us and the competition. My company is built on honesty, reliability, and transparency. You can count on us to be on time, tell you the truth (no hidden charges or upsells), and be overly communicative. When we leave your home, if you ever think about hiring a different company besides Az Pressure Wash and Windows then we have not accomplished what we set out to do. Please contact me. 


I encourage you to Google: Az Pressure Wash and Windows. Read the reviews on our company. No matter where you look you are only going to find 5-star reviews. As a window washing company, our reputation is extremely important.

Range of Services

I started this business as a pressure washing company however 90% of the calls I get are for window washing and cleaning but these are both areas that we specialize in. For some reason because of the business name, people tend to think that we pressure wash windows which is not the case. Our pressure washing service is different from window washing. We offer a traditional window washing and cleaning experience with a mop and squeegee. We pressure and power wash things that warrant it such as home exteriors, driveways, pool decks, etc. We do not pressure wash windows! In addition, we do a lot of gutter cleaning with a specialized approach. As well, as solar panel cleaning using purified water which is key. 


We offer a very straightforward and easy-to-understand pricing approach. In fact, we have a whole webpage dedicated to our window washing pricing.

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